New In: Instagram Ready Flat Lay Dishes!

I have been working day and night on these little beauties and I'm so happy with how these latest pieces have come together! Can you tell that I had Instagram flat lay magic in mind?! 
They are firstly moulded, then sanded to get a smooth surface ready for me to get my paint on, followed by the last step which is sealing to make sure that the artwork is protected from the odd knock here and there.
Each plate and bowl are made to order, featuring a selection of customisations, so that you can make sure that I can create the perfect piece to fit the rest of that beautifully curated feed of yours.
They make lovely jewellery dish holders and look great placed around your home as minimalist decor pieces. You can even add some pot-pourri into one of the bowls, or give your crystals a safe place to be displayed!
If you have a question or would like to find out about further personalisations - please just drop me a message :-)
Bonnie x

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