Conscious Cyber Week...Giving Back,Fashionably

Conscious Cyber Week...Giving Back,Fashionably

As a small business that makes it our business to continually educate ourselves on how we can do what we love, while being mindful of this planet we call home; Black Friday is an important date in the diary to invite others to join us paying kindness forward.

This year. we will be launching our first ever Conscious Cyber Week, where our much loved customers can indulge in the Black Friday festivities without the guilt of a careless splurge - in fact; every order you place with us will show you care more!

So what's the deal?

You use code: GIVEBLACK20 from November 26th - 29th and get 20% off your order...the rest is up to us!

We will donate 30% of every sale towards buying food to donate to a local food bank. As we know; many people may struggle financially in the run up to Christmas, so let's help by making meals one less thing to worry about.

For every order you place across the 27th/28th; we will take 30% of it and pay it forward by spending at another sustainable small business. We love this because we know how hard it can be to wear all of the many hats a 1-person-run company wears - they totally deserve to do that little happy dance when our order comes in!


On the final day of Conscious Cyber Week, we will be donating 30% of each sale towards the Ripple Africa charity for Green Monday. They are working towards supporting people in Malawi with fuel-efficient cookstoves, forest conservation and encouraging carbon offsetting with businesses.

We have been so overwhelmed with the support with our campaigns like this in the past, so I know we will continue to grow in kindness this time around...

Here's to happy & thoughtful shopping!


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