BTS: Clay Days

BTS: Clay Days

My favourite place to be is tucked up in my workspace, playing in some clay while the rest of the world passes by. The process behind each plate and bowl in my webstore lasts around 14 days from start to finish, with care and consistency being at the core of every crafting session.

Every piece is moulded by hand using naturally drying clay, involving lots of kneading and rolling, before I create the size and shape I need and get cutting and then leave each one to set over the next day or two.

The next stage in my crafting process is to smooth out any bumps and nicks before the dish is ready to be painted - the most important step in my book! Painting is where each plate or bowl starts to really come alive and take on all the lovely custom designs you have chosen. They are painted with several layers over the next few days, until it is completely dry.

Finally; I finish each dish by sealing the paint to give it a nice and smooth finish, protect the artwork and help to prevent scratches to the surface. 

They are then left to rest for several days to make sure that everything is well and dry before I ship each order out to their new homes.

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